Friends Accent Tile

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Friends by Sharlene Lindskog Osorio features horses drinking on tiles. The modern black background and detailed horses, make this mural ideal for any contemporary kitchen backsplash or bathroom design.

Sharlene Lindskog Osorio is an internationally acclaimed artist specializing in equestrian oil paintings. Sharlene's intense interest in her subject has created art that expresses the spirit, power and beauty of the equine. Sharlene's work can be found on the covers of horse magazines, horse show programs and auction catalogs. Her paintings grace collections across the USA and beyond, including those of prominent breeders and celebrities such as Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum).

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Accent Tiles

We also sell our popular designs on single tiles, also known as accent tiles.  Add a colorful accent to any kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles.  The possiblities are endless!