To-a-Good-Harvest Accent Tile

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To A Good Harvest by Dina Farris Appel depicts wine and vineyards on tiles. The ageless beauty of stone fuses with the vibrant colors of wine country. Imagine a kitchen with a vineyard view. Perfect for adding a trompe l'oeil accent to any kitchen backsplash tile or bathroom remodel.

Dina Farris Appel brings her expertise in trompe l'oeil painting to our murals. The intense, demanding, and time-consuming style of trompe l'oeil painting relies on techniques such as masterful use of shadow, precisely calculated perspective, and smooth, almost invisible brush strokes.

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Accent Tiles

We also sell our popular designs on single tiles, also known as accent tiles.  Add a colorful accent to any kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles.  The possiblities are endless!