Seaside Cottage Accent Tile

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Seaside Cottage by Thom Millsap depicts a tropical beach house on tiles. Enjoy the delights of an outdoor sundrenched tropical summer day. The colors are fresh and the image allows the viewer to day dream about the boats sailing in the distance. Perfect for adding a beach view to any windowless kitchen or adding a view to any shower or bathroom tiles. Thom Millsap is working artist from Florida. Inspiration for his paintings is a diverse montage inspired by his travels, the flowers on a table may be from a hotel in Spain, the vase from a shop in London, the rocking chairs from a house on Cape Cod and the landscape appearing thru a window might have been inspired by the Florida Keys. He paints in the pursuit of beauty and truth.

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Accent Tiles

We also sell our popular designs on single tiles, also known as accent tiles.  Add a colorful accent to any kitchen backsplash tiles or bathroom tiles.  The possiblities are endless!