Bathroom Tile Murals

Photos of Bathroom Tile Murals and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Most people don't think of bathroom tile murals when they are thinking about bathroom tile ideas. Our beautiful bathroom tile murals offer a unique alternative to traditional bathroom wall art. Our tiles are washable and won't be affected by moisture in a bathroom.

Here are some examples of bathroom tile mural installations.

ceramic tile wall mural and freestanding tub

Ceramic Wall Tile Mural Above Freestanding Tub in Master Bathroom Remodel

The elegant style of Monet lends itself to this transitional design. The home owner wanted to combine traditional and modern styles. The wall art above the freestanding tub completes this bathroom remodel and creates a Spa like experience.     

ceramic tile mural above soaking tub

Ceramic Tile Mural Above Soaking Tub

The bright color palette of this erotic art tile mural brightens up this contemporary bathroom remodel project.  Ceramic tile murals are washable and can go where traditonal paintings would get ruined. 

decorative tiles for bathroom

Decorative Tiles For Bathroom

This ecclectic bathroom tile project mixes ceramic tile inserts with mosaic tiles for an out of the box bathroom idea. 

tumbled marble tile mural in shower

Tumbled Marble Tile Mural in Shower Remodel

This colorful tile mural featuring Munch's "Scream" combines contemporary art transferred onto tumbled marbles with rustic shower tiles.  This combination of styles creates a fresh perspective for any bathroom remodeling project. 

master bath nautilus tile mural

Bold Master Bathroom Ceramic Wall Mural

Our client wanted to make a statement in their master bathroom remodel.  The bold colors from this seashell themed tile mural provides a clean contemporary design aesthetic. 

ancient art on tumbled marble bathroom mural

Tile Wall Art Personalizes Master Bathroom

In this installation, a print of an old world fresco painting was reproduced onto tumbled stone tiles.  Our client wanted to transform their master bathroom into a luxurious oasis experience.  This bathroom wall mural is surrounded by large format marble tiles with a diaganol layout.

Picture of bathroom tile mural above bathtub

Large Bathroom Tile Mural Above Jacuzzi Bathtub

Why settle for a blank wall above a bathtub?  This oversized seascape bathroom tile mural adds a much needed focal point for this windowless bathroom.  The serene blue colors and seascape add a peaceful oasis for anyone soaking in this jacuzzi bathtub. 

Bathroom Tile Mural Above Bathtub in Modern Bathroom Design

Abstract Tile Mural in Modern Bathroom Design

The abstract tile mural and bold colors, adds a splash of colors and warmth to this contemporary bathroom design.   The interior designer on this bathroom remodeling project wanted to integrate modern bathroom art, but was worried about prints or paintings getting ruined by the moisture.  This is why ceramic or marble bathroom tile murals are a perfect solution.  The vibrant colors of this bathroom tiles mural offer a wonderful contrast to the natural stone wall tiles and adds a unique texture to this modern bathroom.

abstract tile mural above bathtub in traditional bathroom design

Abstract Bathroom Tile Mural in Master Bathroom Remodel

This abstract bird bathroom tile mural adds a beautiful artistic finishing touch to this master bathroom remodeling project.  The color palette from the walls and porcelain bathroom tiles blends seamlessly with the modern bathroom wall art on tiles. 

Photo of Mediterranean Bathroom Tile Mural

Mediterranean Bathroom Mural in Master Bathroom Suite

This Mediterranean bathroom tile mural adds a timeless accent to a windowless bathroom.  A view of the Mediterranean sea opens up the bathroom and adds a nice color scheme to the earthtone colors and bathroom porcelain tiles.

Van Gogh Tile Mural in Coastal Bathroom Remodel

This Van Gogh seascape adds a timeless touch to this coastal bathroom design.  The mosaic tiles in the shower offer a nice contrast to the blues in the ceramic tile mural on the bathroom wall.  Another great example of using tile murals as bathroom wall art.