Custom Tiles: Decorative Tile Backsplashes & More

Custom Tile Murals and Custom Decorative Tiles for Kitchens & Bathrooms  

Now you can create custom tiles for a unique home renovation project idea. 

Simply send us your photo and we will transfer it to accent tiles or create a custom tile mural. 

Examples of custom tiles for kitchen backsplashes and custom tiles for bathrooms 

custom tiles for modern bathroom

Custom Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Remodeling Project

Our client personalized their bathroom with a photo onto custom tiles.  Their amazing wildlife photo from a recent trip to Africa was reproduced onto custom ceramic tiles and integrated into their master bathroom remodel.

tropical photo on custom bathroom tiles

Custom Bathroom Tile Mural From Vacation Photo

Our client recently went on a dream Hawaiin vacation.  Their beautiful photograph makes a beautiful custom bathroom tile mural and will remind them of the sun and memories for many years to come.

Custom Ceramic Tile Mural for Boating Enthusiast

Custom Tile Mural From Cell Phone Photos and Selfies

You never know when the mood will strike when you want to capture a special moment with your smartphone.  This custom kitchen tile mural was made from a photo on our client's cell phone.  Just goes to show, you don't need a fancy camera to create a kitchen backsplash that is the artistic centerpiece of a kitchen remodel.

transfer children art onto tiles

Customize Kitchen Tiles with Children's Art and Drawings

Our client wanted to celebrate their child's artistic endeavors by including their drawing in the kitchen backsplash area.  We scanned the artwork and reproduced it using tumbled marble tiles.  Our tiles blended seamlessly with their rustic backsplash tiles.