Restaurant Tiles: Decorative Restaurant Wall Art

Tile Murals offer a cost effective wall surface design for restaurant interiors. We have large collection of decorative tile art available as ceramic tile murals, tumbled marble tile murals or glass tile murals.  We can cover a large area at an affordable price.  Tile Art provides a durable, washable alternative to traditional artwork or restaurant art prints. 

Examples of Tile Murals as Decorative Art used in Restaurant Interior Design

Italian Seascape Restaurant Interior Design Idea

Italian Seascape Ceramic Tile Mural in Restaurant

This beautiful Italian seascape is a perfect focal point for the restaurant interior wall.  The splash of colors from the ceramic tile mural opens up the room while complimenting the restaurant's interior design theme. 

Seafood Tile Mural in Restaurant Interior Design

Seafood Tile Mural in Restaurant Interior

Adding this contemporary painting as a ceramic tile mural to this restaurant, created a unique look for this restaurant interior.  The sheen from the seafood ceramic tiles and black ceramic trim border adds a dimension to restaurant decorative art when compared to only decorating with art prints or original artwork.