Decorative Tile Inserts: Showers & Backsplashes

Tile Inserts for Kitchen Backsplashes and Bathroom Tiles

Our decorative tiles make the perfect compliment for a kitchen or bathroom renovation.  Great for small kitchen designs that don't have the room for a tile mural.  Clients are also transforming industry standard tiles into unique bathroom tile masterpieces.  Get creative with our decorative tile inserts.  They come in a variety of designs and materials which include ceramic tiles, marble tiles, or glass. 

Photos of client installations that incorporated decorative ceramic and marble tiles 

Mosaic tile mural with photo ceramic tile inserts

Mosaic Tile Mural with Custom Photo Tile Inserts

This community center in NY commissioned us to reproduce photos onto ceramic tiles.  They then inserted these photo tiles into a mosaic mural designed by community members.  A beautiful way to mix together traditional mosaic tiles with ceramic tile inserts.

coastal tile backsplash with ceramic tile inserts

Coastal Kitchen Backsplash with Decorative Tile Inserts

This Lousiana family takes their food seriously!  They wanted to design a kitchen backsplash that celebrated their coastal roots but did not have the space for a tile mural.  Instead of just using standard kitchen tiles, they inserted these beautiful ceramic accent tiles which reflected their unique style. 

impressionist art tiles inserted into shower

Ceramic Art Tiles Inserted into Bathroom Tiles

Our client wanted to combine impressionist paintings with irregular recycled ceramic tiles.  They choose our art tiles featuring works from Van Gogh and Monet.  This green bathroom renovation quickly become the talk of the neighborhood and shows how a little imagination can create a beautiful shower tile idea.

marble tile insert

Decorative Marble Tile Inserted into Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our client wanted to embellish standard porcelain bathroom tiles with marble tile inserts.  They installed diagonal wall tile and then cut a square for the marble accent tile.  This bathroom renovation shows how you can create something special by inserting art tiles into any bathroom tiling project.