Decorative Glass Tile Murals: Glass Tile Art

Photos of Glass Tile Murals for Glass Kitchen Backsplashes & Glass Bathroom Tile Remodeling Ideas

Many designers and home owners alike are introducing glass tiles into their design plans.  Not only are they durable and washable, they offer a transluscent feel which captures and reflects the natural light in any space. 

Our large collection of tile murals and decorative tiles are now available on textured glass tiles.  Our glass tile murals are printed on the backside of a textured glass tile where the image is preserved for generations to come. 

Glass tiles are extremely durable which make them perfect for floor murals or shower tile murals, because you can walk on them or scrub the heck out of them!

Here are some examples of glass tile mural installations.

glass kitchen backsplash idea

Wine Lovers Rejoice, Glass Kitchen Backsplash Idea

This client lives in Wine Country and wanted to create a kitchen backsplash that reflected their love for wine and cooking.  They choose one of our wine tile murals on glass tiles to blend with their glass mosaic kitchen tiles.

glass tile mural of eiffel tower, paris

Glass Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

This beautiful rendition of the Eiffel Tower is reproduced onto textured glass tiles, creating a beautiful glass tile mural.  The slightly textured glass surface offers a transluscent effect to the image.  Now our client feels they are staring directly at the Eiffel Tower through a private window in their windowless kitchen.  Our glass tiles blend seemlessly with glass mosaic backsplash tiles.


example of glass tile mural

Glass Tile Mural for Kitchen Backsplash

This wine and food tile mural was reproduced onto our glass tiles. The mural is framed with a thick ceramic border.  The small glass subway tiles around the mural create a contemporary style for this kitchen remodel.

 california coastal glass tile mural

California Coastal Glass Tile Mural

This coastal painting on glass tiles creates a finishing touch for a contemporary coastal kitchen remodel


Vibrant Sunflower Glass Tile Mural in Bathroom

Vibrant Floral Glass Tile Mural In Master Bathroom Remodel

Our client wanted a burst of color in their window-free bathroom.  They choose one of our colorful floral designs on textured glass tiles.  The mural was then framed out to create a window effect.