Decorative Bar Tiles for Home Wet Bars

Home Bar Tile Design Ideas and Wine Cellar Tile Murals

Adding a tile mural behind your wet bar is a great home bar decorating idea.  Not only will a tile mural add an interesting focal point, but it will transform your home bar into a sophisticated gathering spot for friends and family. 

If you are in the process of building or designing a home bar, be sure to include decorative tiles and tile murals in your home bar design plans. 

home wet bar tile mural

Wine and Cheese Mural in Home Wet Bar Tile Design

This wine and cheese tile mural finishes this beautiful home wet bar.  The tasteful tile art offers a beautiful focal point for what otherwise would be a standard painted wall. Our wine and cocktail tile murals provide wall decor for home bars and wine cellars.  

Mexican tile mural for home bar

Mexican Tile Mural for Home Bar Tile Idea

Our client loves their Tequila and fell in love with one of our tile murals featuring Charros which are traditional horseman from Mexico.  We enlarged the mural so it would fit the entire tile niche underneath the home bar cabinet.  

wine bar decorative tile idea

Vineyard Decorative Tile Backsplash For Wet Bar

The brilliant wine grapes art reproduced onto ceramic tiles provides a beautiful backsplash tile area for this home wet bar. 

example of tile mural behind home wet bar

Jazz Era Decorative Mural For Wine Room

This contemporary jazz themed tile mural provides a modern design aesthetic for a wine bar area. 

marble tile mural in wet bar

Marble Tile Mural For Wet Bar Backsplash Tiles

Our client wanted to create an elegant wet bar area for home entertaining.  They choose an old world Italian still life on marble tiles.  The rustic tile mural blends seemlessly with their travertine backsplash tiles to create a cohesive wet bar design.

equine art tiles behind home wet bar

Equine Tile Mural Provides Focal Point For Bar Area

This horse ceramic tile mural was framed with wood and placed behind the wet bar.  The sharp colors and abstract nature of these horse decorative tiles creates an upscale western wall decoration for this home bar design. 

tile mural in wine cellar

Wine Tile Mural in Wine Cellar

This beautiful vineyard tile mural on ceramic tiles is perfect for adding an upscale finishing touch in this home wine cellar.