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Photos of Kitchen Tile Murals and Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling Ideas

Transform a lackluster kitchen backsplash into a major focal point with our collection of tile murals and kitchen decorative tiles.  If you want to create a colorful ceramic kitchen backsplash our ceramic tile murals are great for adding a pop of color. If you prefer a rustic kitchen backsplash then our tumbled marble tile murals will blend seamlessly with stone or travertine tiles.  We also carry glass tile murals that blend with glass mosaic tiles for a modern kitchen backsplash idea. 

Here are some examples of kitchen tile mural installations.


contemporary wine kitchen mural

Contemporary Style Kitchen Backsplash For Wine Lovers!

Our client created a beautiful contempoary tile design for their kitchen backsplash. They installed a cubist style wine kitchen mural and framed out the mural with black ceramic trim tiles. The wine mural is also completed with beautiful kitchen tiles that were installed using a diaganol layout.

coastal kitchen backsplash idea

Abstract Coastal Tile Art in Cottage Style Kitchen Remodel

The beautiful hues of the ceramic kitchen mural creates a visual balance to the natural warmth of the brightly lit kitchen.  This kitchen remodel is complete with black slate tiles and wood highlights throughout the counterspace.

tile mural in farm house kitchen remodel

Custom Tile Mural From Antique Metal Sign

Our client sent us a picture of an antique metal sign.  We were able to reproduce this sign onto ceramic tiles, creating a vintage tile mural for their farmhouse kitchen remodel.  They blended the vintage decorative tiles with marble countertops and white subway tiles for a timeless style.  We can create custom tile murals from fabric swatches, tapestries, or wall paper samples.

kitchen tile mural idea for traditional kitchen

Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Tile Idea for Traditional Kitchen Tiles

This installation combines a colorful Van Gogh kitchen tile mural idea with a traditional kitchen design.  A painting by Van Gogh was printed on ceramic tiles and provides a beautiful backsplash that blends with our client's traditional kitchen tiles.

contemporary kitchen backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Mixes Clean and Simple Design

Our client is inspired by the natural beauty of the tropics.  This tropical kitchen backsplash provides a balance to the Bamboo cabinets without competing with the textural beauty of the wood.

glass tile mural in kitchen backsplash

Glass Tile Mural as Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

The Henson family installed one of our glass tile murals for their kitchen remodel in Portland, Oregon.  Glass tiles have a slightly textured surface, but still offer a vibrant image.  Our wine mural on glass tiles, blends perfectly with glass mosaic tiles to create a 100% glass kitchen backsplash design idea.

Vegetable tile mural in contemporary kitchen backsplash

Vegetable Tile Mural in Kitchen Backsplash Design

This vegetable tile mural provides a strong design statement for a contemporary kitchen remodel idea.  A nice balance was reached by combining white subway tiles, white cabinets, and a pop of color from the ceramic kitchen tile mural. 

funky country rooster kitchen backsplash

Ecclectic Country Rooster Kitchen Backsplash Idea

This colorful rooster mural provides a sophisticated alternative to traditional country themed kitchen backsplash designs. This sleek kitchen backsplash installation is complete with white subway tiles and a black granite countertop.

asian kitchen tile backsplash idea

Japanese Kitchen Backsplash Tile Idea in Kitchen Remodel

Mount Fuji was an iconic figure in many Japanese block prints.  Now it provides a strong design element in this San Francisco kitchen remodel.  Our client wanted to combine a Japanese tile mural with a contemporary kitchen backsplash tile design. 

French country tile mural in cottage kitchen remodel

French Landscape Mural in Cottage Kitchen Remodel

A tile mural by Renoir was chosen as a kitchen backsplash option for this cottage style kitchen design. The french landscape mural blends with the colors of the kitchen while providing a beautiful scene for the backsplash area.

italian kitchen murals

Italian Kitchen Mural in Kitchen Backsplash

Our client chose an Italian ceramic tile so that they could use their Italian heritage as inspiration for their kitchen remodel.   The kitchen mural features a scene from Positano, Italy and provides a breathtaking view for their kitchen backsplash tiles. 

Moose tile mural for lodge kitchen remodel

Wildlife Decorative Tile Backsplash in Lodge Kitchen Remodel

Our client was interested in incorporating wildlife art into their slate backsplash to create a mountain lodge look.  This colorful moose tile mural creates a beautiful focal point for this lodge kitchen design.  The colors in the mural create a nice contrast to the dark wood cabinets and rustic backsplash.

contemporary tile idea with old world charm

Blending Old World Charm with Contemporary Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural

This kitchen remodel blends contemporary kitchen design elements with rustic marble tiles.  The colorful tile mural and coordinating frame helps to meld all of the kitchen backsplash design ideas together to create a cohesive look. 

modern wine tile mural in modern kitchen backsplash design

Modern Wine Mural in Modern Kitchen Remodel

Although these colors might not work for every kitchen, they sure work in this ultra modern kitchen backsplash design.  Our client added a modern wine tile mural which brings a life of its own to this colorful kitchen backsplash design.

killer whale kitchen tile mural

Kitchen Tile Mural for Small Kitchen Remodel

This galley kitchen remodel makes the most of its space.  By substituting a tile mural for a kitchen backsplash, the small kitchen area has a strong visual which helps make the room feel larger.  Tile murals are great for a small kitchen design idea. 

music tile mural in modern kitchen

Upscale Modern Kitchen Remodel includes a Tile Mural Backsplash

Kitchen design trends say less is more.  However, modern kitchens don't have to be boring or cold.  This contemporary jazz painting on ceramic tiles creates an upscale tile mural backsplash in this modern kitchen makeover. 

flemish still life tile mural in kitchen remodel

Still Life Kitchen Tile Mural

This beautiful Flemish still life is reproduced on ceramic tiles which adds a refined look to this traditional kitchen style. 

 ceramic kitchen tile mural

Fine Art Decorative Kitchen Tiles

This ceramic tile mural features a monet painting tranferred onto ceramic tiles.  Monet and other famous artists can be found in our large collection of tile murals and decorative tiles. 

asian art tile mural in modern kitchen backsplash

Asian Tile Mural in Condo Kitchen Remodel

Asian tile art adds a tranquil design option for the condo owner who wants to escape the Urban landscape.  This contemporary kitchen tile remodel substitutes a traditional backsplash with a framed tile mural. 

wine tile mural in french country kitchen

Wine Tile Mural in French Country Kitchen

This french country kitchen design is complete with a wine backsplash tile design.  A perfect inspiration for our clients to gaze at while cooking their gourmet meals. 

Example of Glass Tile Mural in Modern Kitchen

Glass Tile Design in Modern Kitchen Backsplash

This abstract glass tile mural makes a beautiful glass tile backsplash.  Not only does this abstract mural offer a lively focal point but it helps protect the wall from grease and cooking messes.  Glass tiles clean up easily and offer a beautiful finishing touch for any modern or contemporary kitchen design. 

Example of Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Mural

Tumbled Marble Tile Mural For Decorative Stone Backsplash

Tumbled marble tile murals are great for creating a rustic kitchen backsplash.  This western buffalo tile mural is created with our 4" marble tiles.  Marble trim pieces are used to create a tile frame around the mural to help blend with the travertine wall tiles.    

tropical kitchen backsplash photo

Minimalist Kitchen Backsplash Idea with Tropical Decorative Tiles 

Our client wanted a minimal tile design not only to protect the kitchen wall from cooking messes, but to compliment their open kitchen layout.  They chose one of our tropical pattern tile and framed with decorative ceramic trim tiles.

kitchen backsplash photo, Cow Tile Mural in Country Kitchen

Kitchen Tile Mural in Country Kitchen Design

The vivid colors in the kitchen tile mural offers a contrast to earth tone granite counters and natural wood cabinets.  Ceramic tiles were chosen for the kitchen backsplash tile mural which offers a vibrancy to the mural which is surrounded by natural stone and tumbled marble backsplash tiles. 

kitchen backsplash photo,Seafood tile mural in modern kitchen backsplash design

Seafood Tile Mural with Rustic Tumbled Marble Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

The rustic tumbled marble kitchen backsplash in this beautiful open kitchen design is complete with a seafood tile mural on tumbled marble tiles.  Contemporary kitchen design is combined with a rustic, old world feel of tumbled marble kitchen backsplash tiles.  

Example of horse tile mural in kitchen backsplash

Horse Tile Mural in Kitchen Wall Niche

This beautiful horse tile mural is a perfect focal point for the recessed kitchen niche.  This decorative tile mural transformed the wall niche in this upscale western kitchen while preserving the architectural integrity.  Tile murals can be resized and cut to fit into wall niches and kitchen arches. 

kitchen backsplash photo of wine tile mural in contemporary kitchen

Wine Tile Mural with Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

This beautiful wine tile mural adds a splash of color to this kitchen design.  The vivid vineyard scene adds a beautiful focal point to the ceramic kitchen backsplash tiles and provides an excellent contrast to granite counters, hardwood floors, and a large kitchen range hood. 

vintage barn photo for kitchen backsplash tiles

Vintage Photo On Tiles for Farmhouse Style Kitchen Backsplash

This farmhouse style kitchen remodel in Maine wanted to incorporate a vintage flair.  A vintage style photo of a barn was transferred to ceramic tiles and installed over the Viking kitchen range.  The barn tile mural offers a distinct look while visually balancing the bright red oven doors. 

Example of horse tile mural kitchen backsplash tiles


Horse Tile Mural with Slate Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

This contemporary horse tile mural is a perfect compliment to the slate kitchen backsplash tiles. It's fun to blend materials together to create a unique kitchen tile design idea.  The rustic feel of the slate contrasts well with the colors in the kitchen tile mural to create a memorable kitchen design. 

Wine Kitchen Tile Mural

Wine Mural in Old World Kitchen Design

This beautiful Old World kitchen remodel is complete with a wine cellar tile mural.  The distressed cabinets are balanced with a splash of color from our wine tile mural centered above the kitchen range.  The mural is framed with polished marble chairrail molding.

decorative kitchen tiles

Decorative Ceramic Tiles in Kitchen Backsplash

If you don't have room for a large kitchen tile mural, you can intersperse decorative accent tiles througout your kitchen backsplash tiles.