Unique Photo Gifts: Custom Photo Tiles

Unique Photo Gifts: Custom Photo Tiles

We make it easy for you to create personalized home decor and unique gift ideas from your favorite photos.  Simply upload any photo and we will do the rest! 

You will receive a quality reproduction of your digital photo on your choice of personalized tile products.  Our tiles are durable and can be used in a variety of home remodeling projects. 

Also make cool personalized photo gifts!

Customized Accent Tiles

Personalized Accent Tiles

Create custom accent tiles from any photo!  Can be used as custom tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.  Choose from ceramic, marble or glass tiles.

Customized Framed Ceramic Tile

Personalized Framed Ceramic Tiles

Create custom framed ceramic tiles from your favorite digital photo!  Personalized wall decor made easy.  Ready to hang and available in a variety of wood frame styles.  

Customized Ceramic Tile Trivet

Personalized Ceramic Tile Trivets

Create custom ceramic tile trivets by simply uploading your favorite photo!  Fully functional as a hot plate, protect kitchen counters while creating a unique keepsake.