Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

The shower is one of the most overlooked feature in a new bathroom remodel. Of course we want fancy fixtures and great water pressure, but why not integrate bathroom wall art into a shower? Obviously you can't hang a painting or print in a shower, but ceramic tile murals and tumbled marble tiles mural are the next best thing.

Here are some examples of tile murals in a shower:

surfer inspired shower tile mural

Surfer Inspired Shower Tile Mural for Modern Bathroom Renovation

This vintage inspired Hawaiin collage on decorative ceramic tiles provides the perfect focal point for this stylish bathroom renovation.  The shower mural is complete with aqua blue tiles glass tiles and oversized see-through shower door.

coastal shower tile mural idea

Coastal Style Tile Mural for Walk-In Shower Remodel

Our client lives several miles from the water and wanted to have a million dollar view within reach.  This quinessential coastal lighthouse tile mural featuring driftwood and a lighthouse provides a faux ocean-front view while visually opening up this bathroom space.

Amalfi Coast tile mural in shower

Amalfi Coast Tile Mural in Shower Remodel

This large walk-in shower remodel is complete with a colorful shower mural of the Italian coast. Now our clients can pretend they are showering in a bed and breakfast in Italy.  What a priceless view!

Photo of tile mural in shower

Mermaid Tile Mural in Shower

This beautiful mermaid shower tile adds a whimsical feel to the large porcelain shower tiles.  Many people overlook including a ceramic tile mural in their bathroom design ideas. It's nice to see how bathroom wall art in a shower adds personality and style to the shower. 

Example of tile mural in shower

Wildlife Tile Mural in Slate Shower

This rustic bathroom design for this cabin shower, is complete with a beautiful wildlife tile mural in the shower.  The blend of bathroom wall art and ceramic tiles is just one example of a unique bathroom tile idea for a cabin bathroom remodel.

Koi Tile Mural in Bathroom

Koi Tile Mural in Shower

This Koi tile mural adds a subtle finishing touch to this beautiful walk-in shower design.  The earth tone porcelain tiles blend seamlessly with the subtle colors in this Japanese inspired shower tile mural